Friday, July 15, 2016

Adventures in Screen Printing

Why I Love Screen Printing

Screen printing is amazing because you can make so many copies of one thing. It is fantastic for anyone looking to sell their art or enter a bunch of art shows. I love how a screen print feels. You can feel the ink on the paper and there is something so satisfying about that. There are so many different ways to screen print, after you have been doing it for a while you kind of develop your own way. Most importantly though, screen printing is SO much fun. It is like finger painting when you were a kid.

Print Making Classes I've Taken

I have taken Intaglio, Screen Printing 1 and 2, and Intermediate Print Making. Intaglio was really interesting and I would love to experiment with it more. In Intermediate Printmaking I had the choice to mix processes, screen print, intaglio, or do relief. I've never actually done relief so I stay away from it just because it is unfamiliar. One day I will probably try it.

My Favorite Part

Obviously my all time favorite part is lifting the screen and seeing an amazing print underneath. Besides that, I freaking love cleaning the screens. There is something so satisfying about using a power washer and watching you design melt off the screen.

How To Screen Print

I am definitely no expert in print making. I am always trying to improve my skills and learn new techniques. Maybe one day I will feel comfortable enough to do a photo or video tutorial. For now, I found some resources for you guys to check out if you are interested.

Have you ever screen printed before? What are your experiences with it?

Xo Chloe.

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